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Ask the Todd’s – Sobriety

We received a question for our psychologists recently on our website regarding sobriety. Here it is… How important is counting days of sobriety in the recovery process? Does it become destructive when it becomes an obsession in and of itself … Continue reading

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In most locations, medical care varieties one of the primary areas of the economic system thanks to the economical and social duty it takes on. Anyhow, the sector incidents a number of different conflicts that demand different skill and focus … Continue reading

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Excessive Internet Use Is Linked to Depression

This article shows the harmful effects of excessive internet use. Saavi Accountability can assist you to gain a handle on your internet use. For more information, check out Saavi Accountability Website ScienceDaily (Feb. 4, 2010) — People who spend a … Continue reading

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An Addiction by Any Other Name

Dependence. Withdrawal. Bad grades. Ruined relationships. These are all symptoms associated with drug addictions. These same symptoms are also associated with video game addiction. Video game addiction as a disease is a relatively new concept. While the American Medical Association … Continue reading

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The extent of exposure to pornography among children and young people

Michael Flood has compiled research on exposure to pornography around the world. Here is a summary of the research he has done. A growing body of international scholarship documents that significant proportions of children and young people are exposed to … Continue reading

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