Accountability Relationships Part II

In the second part of this series, Saavi founder, Justen Wack talks about the shift from what we traditionally think of as an accountability relationship to more of a “two-way street” approach.

Part II – A 2-Way Street

So many times accountability relationships consist of a couple of things…1. Confiding in a friend and asking them to hold you accountable, or 2. Joining a group of men or women, meeting for coffee once a week and going through a list of questions.

I’m not suggesting these situations aren’t good, but in my experience, they usually fizzle out after a period of time. And, many times, it’s right when we need the support the most.

Unlike everything else out there, Saavi Accountability is designed from the perspective that there is a desire to change the behavior from the inside out. To make it personal instead of a relying on a piece of technology that is supposed to “fix this struggle” for me and my family.

Overcoming these issues of online porn, gaming, and even struggles offline take a decision for ourselves and the discipline to stick to it. There will certainly be times when you feel alone and will probably be times where you fall. The important thing is that you don’t let the shame that comes with that to drive you back into the behavior. Pick yourself up and start over! (Keep an eye out for a new Saavi video series on “Porn & Shame!”)

Take it one day at a time! Don’t put the all the pressure on your partners or group. We need each other…without question! This is NOT an issue we can beat on our own. But, also remember to start recognizing the triggers that drive you into these behaviors and reach out to your accountability partner in advance. Instead of waiting for them to call and ask you how you are doing, call and let them know that you feel the temptation coming on. Tell them that you would appreciate them just calling or texting you over the next couple days making sure you are living to the standards you have set for yourself!

This is what I have found useful in my journey. I have come to a point where my accountability partner doesn’t even ask me the “questions” on his own. When I start recognizing the temptation coming on or the struggle starting to get overwhelming, I immediately reach out to him reminding him to help over the next couple days.

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