An Addiction by Any Other Name

Dependence. Withdrawal. Bad grades. Ruined relationships. These are all symptoms associated with drug addictions. These same symptoms are also associated with video game addiction.

Video game addiction as a disease is a relatively new concept. While the American Medical Association doesn’t recognize it as a true disease, the symptoms and mechanisms bear a striking resemblance to any other substance addiction. Video games can produce a “high” or sense of euphoria and have the potential to destroy productivity. In addition, video game addicts can experience withdrawal and relapses.

This article written by Rich Scinto of Quad News discusses gaming addiction. Saavi Accountability is launching tonight, v.2.0 which now monitors all applications including World of Warcraft and Eve. This ability allows people who are struggling with gaming to receive support and help for their addiction, before all of the negative symptoms occur. For more information regarding Saavi Accountability go to the Saavi Accountability Website

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