Justen Wack the Founder of Saavi Discusses Saavi Accountability

Justen Wack the founder of Saavi Accountability discusses Saavi and how he came up with the idea for relational accountability software.

I played soccer at MidAmerica Nazarene University where I recognized the intense struggle that almost every guy on the team had with online pornography. It was something I had always struggled with and, during those years, started to recognize the impact it was having on my spiritual life. Paul says in Romans, “I don’t do what I want to do, instead I do what I hate.” Porn was this way for all of us. We knew it was wrong, we didn’t want to look at it, but somehow always found ourselves in front of the computer screen jumping from porn site to porn site.

The school had a blocking system in place and I tried countless methods on my own but nothing broke the habit. I decided I needed to create something that was different, that worked. Relationships played a role in the periods of time when porn wasn’t a struggle so I knew that was a major piece. Since all the other systems used technology to solve the problem, they were only as good as their ability to keep porn out. Unfortunately, the porn industry is a $91 billion industry worldwide and spends much of their R&D money to find ways to bypass these filters and get explicit material into the home.

I raised investment money to fund development of Saavi Accountability, an instant online accountability program that used technology but built relationships to actually solve the problem. I also found that many guys not only struggled with online porn, but also excessive gaming addictions, gambling, and social networking as well. Saavi was developed to allow the user to set customized standards for their home (such as sexually explicit websites, computer games, or watch for words like suicide.) Anytime those standards are violated, Saavi sends a text message and email to the accountability partner or parent notifying them of the violation within seconds . The partner can then call you instantly and hold you accountable.

What you find is that knowing your friend or parent is going to get that message keeps the user from looking in the first place. We recently sent a survey out to our users and asked how often they have viewed the objectionable material since signing up for Saavi Accountability software

67% said they haven’t looked at all!
33% said they haven’t looked as much!

Since Saavi doesn’t block sites or restrict access, it allows the user to make the decision for themselves and over time, actually build up a better resistance to the stimuli.

What makes Saavi different? Saavi solves the problem from the inside out, is built on relationship, works with all ages for all online addictions, isn’t restrictive and will not slow down your computer, and is built from a therapeutic perspective and endorsed by leading therapists.

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