Winning or Losing in Addiction is By Inches Not Yards

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Winning or losing in addiction is by inches not yards – By Brian

Victories and failures do not happen immediately or overnight. They can be traced back to a series of events and actions over a previous time period. What you think, feel and do today is leading to your future victory or failure over addiction.

As a recovering pornography addict, I know that my failures did not usually just come up instantly. They usually started with a feeling or emotion earlier a day or two ago. I would nurture these thoughts until they grew into a strong desire and need for a fix. Once I was in ready mode, I would look for the right opportunity to indulge.

A victory is achieved by careful management and planning. You have to work hard for a victory by setting up roadblocks that prevent you from taking a feeling from zero to 60 straight into an addictive behavior. Roadblocks are the things which you establish to help you slow down and gather your rational thoughts.

For an addict of pornography who gets his fix from the internet, roadblocks would be things suchas active media censoring, thought monitoring, and access to only a public computer with active accountability software. With roadblocks established an addict has to knowingly defeat them one by one to get to the goal. There is no instant gratification and there are checkpoints along the way whichcause him to slow down compulsion.

Setting up these roadblocks takes time through careful analysis of your thought patterns and behaviors.After each failure, you have to do a post-mortem and analyze the events, thoughts, and behaviors leading up to the fall. Eventually you will have a fine tuned system of roadblocks in place that will help you to prevent future failures and start claiming victories.

Those victories will eventually become easier and failures far less frequent. You will win by inches, not yards so don’t give up or get discouraged by failures along the way. If you persevere, get professional help and accountability, you will win.

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